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‘Barbarians Rising’ History TV 18 India Upcoming TV Serial Wiki, Plot, Promo, Timing

‘Barbarians Rising’ History TV 18 India Upcoming TV Serial Wiki, Plot, Promo, Timing on itellyupdates.com The Indian Television channel named as History TV India is all set to introduce a new Hindi TV show which is titled as Barbarians Rising ver...
by itellyupdates on Jan 28, 2017

Book Review: Americans at War by Stephen Ambrose

I’ve enjoyed previous books by the author, so a few years ago I picked up Americans at War by Stephen E. Ambrose.

Baler Escapade : The Historical Church of Baler (Baler Church)

After spending several minutes exploring the Do?a Aurora House, we decided to drop by at a small yet historically significant church of Baler which is just located few walks away from the ancestral house (Check Do?a Aurora House). The church is rel...
by It's Me Bluedreamer on Jan 22, 2017

Hopeful Horror

I don’t make New Year’s resolutions. To my way of thinking, if I’m aware I’m doing something wrong, I try to change it at that point, rather than waiting. Needless to say, then, I’m up to my old habits of … Continue reading →...

#PumpedUpKicks: adidas Unveils Arthur Ashe Tribute Collection for #BHM

To innovate for the future, adidas celebrates the legacy of pro tennis player Arthur Ashe and his contributions to sport through an exclusive footwear and apparel collection. The first release of the Arthur Ashe Tribute Collection, limited-edition st...
by Hoop Nut on Jan 14, 2017

Views from the iconic Pamban Bridge in Rameshwaram

I must have been half sleepy when I was suddenly jolted to a wake by the commotion in my train compartment. As I opened my eyes and looked around trying to gauge what the noise was all about, I saw more than half of the people sticking their heads ou...
by My Yatra Diary... on Jan 9, 2017

Book Review: Thomas Paine and the Promise of America by Harvey J. Kaye

Thomas Paine's work influenced many radicals during, and after, his lifetime. These radicals called for such extreme change such as ending slavery, women's equality, fair wages and so on.

#WalangPasok – January 16 2017 declared a holiday in Batangas City

Batangas City will be celebrating its annual city fiesta this coming January 16, Monday. It has also been designated as?Tourism and Cultural Day. In relation to that, the said day has been declared a special non-working holiday as stipulated in Pres...
by The Filipino Scribe on Jan 9, 2017


Canaan Land – A City Without Walls To doubt God is indeed sin and foolish. What God is doing at Canaan Land is simply out of this world. Canaan land is the name of the campus of Winners’ Chapel (Living Faith Church), an Evangelical megachurch in...
by freeland on Jan 8, 2017


  8 COLORFUL COSTUMES AND MAGICAL LANTERNS | 2017 BACOLOADIAT FESTIVAL Bacoloadiat Festival, the celebration of the Spring Festival which the Filipino-Chinese community of Bacolod City turned into a grand showcase of Chinese culture and his...
by TOP ON MY LIST on Jan 7, 2017

Baler Escapade : Museo De Baler

After spending some time in Balete Park (Check : Baler Escapade : The Enchanting Balete Tree of Aurora), we finally headed to Baler. Since it was raining and it is not possible to go for a swim, our Tour Guide decided to utilized the time we have so...
by It's Me Bluedreamer on Jan 6, 2017

Whose Story?

What really happened? I grew up thinking that reading history gave the answer to that question. In fact, it is a viewpoint that I still struggle against. You see, historians try to marshal as many facts as they can to … Continue reading →...

January 16 2017 declared a holiday in Navotas City

Navotas City will be marking its 111th foundation anniversary this January 16, Monday. That day has been declared a special non-working by President Rodrigo Duterte through Proclamation 120. The proclamation was signed by Executive Secretary Salvador...
by The Filipino Scribe on Jan 6, 2017

Special: End of the Trump \ Pence Administration - 2040

From a standard history book in 2040:"Donald J Trump, a quickly forgotten businessman turned politician for profit, was America's last Republican president. A narcissistic and authoritarian style politician he had been a reality TV star (see, "The Ap...
by Murdockinations on Jan 5, 2017

Was 2016 Just 1938 All Over Again?

Demonstrators march on international migrant day 2016. EPABy Julie Gottlieb, University of Sheffield On December 31 1937, Cambridge classicist and man of letters F L Lucas embarked on an experiment. He would keep a diary for exactly one ca...
by LoupDargent.info on Dec 30, 2016

The return of the poison pen to Coronation Street

The current Coronation Street storyline with the poison pen letter sent to Eileen and Phelan isn't the first time that poison pen has dripped through the letterbox of Number 11 Coronation Street.Back in November 1961 Elsie Tanner received a poison pe...
by Bluenose Corrie Blog on Dec 28, 2016

1996: A Corrie Christmas to forget

(This post was originally posted by Clinkers (David) on the Coronation Street Blog in December 2016.) Given the number of episodes we currently have to juggle in a week, there isn't often much time left for settling down with a slice of Corrie Gold...
by Bluenose Corrie Blog on Dec 24, 2016

Finding History In Canada by Victoria Chatham

NOW AVAILABLE!In school, history was never my favorite subject. I couldn’t remember dates.1066 and 1492 are ingrained in me, but don’t ask me about the succession of kings or when the Industrial or French Revolutions began. It wasn’t until I wa...
by Books We Love Insider Blog on Dec 23, 2016

Part 2: What Justifies Duterte’s Largesse on Killing in the Philippines?

? Part 1:?What Justifies Duterte’s Largesse on Killing in the Philippines? As part of Duterte administration’s extensive campaign to ‘modestly decimate’ reportedly resisting drug users and unwilling drug pushers, the Philippine...
by MAINBAR ONLINE on Dec 23, 2016

Part 1: What Justifies Duterte’s Largesse on Killing in the Philippines?

The history of change in the journey of every society describes an entity, perhaps, not everyone bothers to become familiar with. Along the tortuous and eventful road of every history, everyone agrees that killing has been and always the deciding fac...
by MAINBAR ONLINE on Dec 21, 2016
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